Material usage optimisation and alternative design of structural elements using AI

Research & Development

Optimisation of concrete and steel structures for reduced material use

In the pursuit of sustainable construction practices, our AI-driven approach targets the optimisation of concrete and steel structures to significantly reduce material use without compromising strength or safety. We analyse various design configurations to identify the most material-efficient structures.

This not only helps in minimising environmental impact but also reduces construction costs, paving the way for greener and more economical building solutions.

Research & Development

Generative AI Assisted Design of Structural Elements

Our generative AI technology takes material efficiency to the next level by offering functionally identical design alternatives for structural elements.

This AI-assisted design approach enables architects and engineers to explore creative solutions that are both architecturally significant and resource-efficient. 

Research & Development

Operational Energy Optimisation

Most of the operational energy needs of a building is set in stone already at the design phase. Focusing on the lifecycle of buildings, our research delves into operational energy optimisation using AI to create smarter and more energy-efficient building designs.

By analyzing data on usage patterns, climate conditions, and building materials, our AI models provide actionable insights for reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. This approach not only enhances the energy performance of buildings but also contributes to a more sustainable future by lowering operational costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.