digital twins and generative AI

Towards Zero-Impact Buildings

We specialise in steel and concrete structures.

What Do We Do

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We are building specialised applications and generative AI solutions for the construction industry to enable the measurement, reporting and improving of the building’s impact on the environment. Material Take-Off, LCA calculations and certificate automations.


We advise all parties of a building project on Building Information Modelling, Life-Cycle Assessments, zero-impact design and alternative materials.

ESG And Legal

We guide real estate developers and construction companies through ESG (Environmental Social And Governance) requirements and help them with setting up the legal frameworks necessary for a successful project.

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Material Take-Off

The BIM-based, federated Material Take-Off is the basis for our Life-Cycle Assessments. Upload all the IFC files of your project and receive a single Take-Off with all your materials and quantities.

Life-Cycle Assessment

Life-Cycle Assessment

Automated Climate Impact calculation for your building project directly from your BIM models. 

Keep track of your environmental targets and use the results for your BREEAM, LEED or other certification.

Automating Sustainability Certifications

Automating BREAAM, ÖGNI, DGNB, LEED certifications using federated digital twins.

We perform automated checks and provide real-time feedback on issues and missing information.

Artificial Intelligence

We research and develop generative AI solutions for analysing material overuse in structural designs and recommending functionally identical alternatives with lower environmental impact. Another field of research is the optimisation of the buildings’ operational energy, performed already at early design phases.


Due to over-design in buildings and infrastructure
A typical structural engineer can achieve
1 million tonnes
A cloud typically has a volume of around 1 km3 and a density of around 1.003 kg per m3